Andrew Lye - Chair

By Alec Cormack, Mar 13, 2019 9:03

Andrew was elected Chair of the Pembrokeshire Liberal Democrats at the inaugural AGM and took office on 1st January 2019. He served previously as Chair of the Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire Liberal Democrats from May 2016 until it 31st December 2018, when the 2 counties were split to create 2 new Local Parties.

Born in Devizes, Wiltshire, he grew up in a village at the foot of Salisbury Plain. After leaving school, he went to live in Abingdon, Oxforshire, where he worked for the Atomic Energy Authority at AERE Harwell and then Culham Laboratory, before leaving to study Business Studies at Portsmouth Polytechnic.

On graduating, he returned to Wiltshire, moving to Trowbridge for his work. In the late 80's and 90's, he was elected to Trowbridge Town Council in 1988 at the age of 29 where he served for several years as Chair of it's Planning and Town Conservation Committee and served as Chairman (now Mayor) of the Town Council in 1994/5. He was elected to West Wiltshire District Council in 1991. 4 days later, he was elected Deputy Group Leader of the Liberal Democrat group that went on to take minority control of the Council found himself as Deputy Council Leader. He served as Chair of Finance Sub-Committee which then became the Resources Sub-Committee. When he was elected Leader of the Liberal Democrat group in 1994, he automatically became Council Leader and served his 3 year term until 1997. In the 1995 elections, he led the Liberal Democrat group to a majority on the Council and chaired the Policy & Resources Committee.

Andrew stood down from the District Council in 1999, having served 2 terms. He stood down from the Town Council in 2001 before moving to Pembrokeshire in December 2001 with his then wife, Ann.

Andrew has been active in local politics in Pembrokeshire and set up an on-line petition on the Welsh Assembly website in 2005, calling for the removal of the tolls on the Cleddau Bridge. Over 1500 residents signed the petition. Whilst others have fought for the tolls abolition as well, 33 years later, it will finally come true in 2019. Andrew joined the Social Democrats Party (SDP) in 1986, which merged with the Liberal Party in 1988, to form the Liberal Democrats.

Andrew has also served on the Welsh Liberal Democrats National Executive Committee (NEC) and the Finance & Management Committee, serving as Secretary of both, from 1.1.17 to 31.12.18, having been elected to both committees, by Welsh Party members.

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