UK close to 125,818 deaths meaning we have seen the numbers equate to wiping out Pembrokeshire

UK PM Boris Johnson on Monday published his roadmap for lifting the Covid19 lockdown for England. Obviously, things can change in the months ahead and we are hearing good news as the rollout of the vaccination across the 4 nations take place, under the auspices of the NHS.

The last year has been a very tough year for everyone in the UK and across the planet. President Biden spoke to Americans on Monday, as the number of deaths passed the 500,000 mark in the USA. Biden said that more Americans have died from Covid19 than the number of Americans killed in WW1, WW2 and the Vietnam War. A figure that is hard to imagine.

Yet on the same day, the number of UK deaths neared 121,000. A figure that is higher than the USA, when you compare population numbers. Just 11 months ago, Stephen Powis, the NHS medical director said "If we can keep deaths below 20,000, we will have done very well in this epidemic". 67,100 UK civilians were killed in WW2. Over 52,000 in the Blitz, alone.


Thankfully, the light is appearing at the end of the tunnel. It is there in the distance and everyone will be hoping that the economy will re-open fully and we will be able to get back to a semblance of normality of meeting family and friends, especially those who have been left on their own in care home.

If we are still talking of the Spanish flu that killed millions after World War 1 ended, I am sure the same will be said of Covid 19. It will be a topic of debate for many years to come, plus we are told that we will have to live with it and take care to avoid it. We will also have to accept that it is still likely to kill people, in the same way that flu does, today.

The reason for writing this article is to highlight the fact that the number of deaths is creeping towards 125,000. Hywel Dda UHB gives a figure of 125,818 as the population of the County of Pembrokeshire. The UK is close to seeing the number of total UK deaths equate to the number of people in Pembrokeshire being wiped off the map. A truly daunting thought.

Once the worst of the pandemic is over, undoubtedly there will be many questions that people will want answers to. For example, we have seen the High Court rule that the Government acted unlawfully by failing to publish details of Covid-related contracts, worth billions of pounds. But that time WILL come.

Welsh Liberal Democrat leader, Jane Dodds has said "We are calling for a cross party economy recovery council to be established, made up of representatives of all major political parties, to work alongside business leaders and academics to discus and agree a sustainable and effective way forward. The recent report from the Bevan Foundation needs to act as a wake up call to whoever forms the next Welsh Government and they need to ensure that their plans are bold and radical and that our recovery from Covid is put first."

As Captain Sir Tom Moore. "Tomorrow will be a good day". Let us hope so.


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