Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Makes First Visit to Pembrokeshire

By Alec Cormack, Apr 11, 2019 10:04

Welsh Liberal Democrat leader, Jane Dodds made her first official visit to Pembrokeshire on Thursday 4th April, when she met local party members at the Mariner's Hotel in Haverfordwest. Jane was welcomed to the meeting by Pembrokeshire Local Party Chair, Andrew Lye.

Jane thanked members for the invite and went on to discuss the policy issue of a Universal Basic Income. The purpose of the meeting was an interactive discussion as to whether the prospect of every citizen being given a monthly payment, by the state. It is an idea that has been around since the time of Milton Friedman in the 1970's, who was a right wing economist. Over the years, it has gained interest from both the left and the right wing of the political spectrum, but for different reasons. It would be paid to everyone, without means test or work requirement. It has been trialled in Finland

There was a lively debate, with arguments for and against Universal Basic Income being discussed.

Andrew Lye thanked Jane Dodds for making this her first official visit to Pembrokeshire and hoped this will be the start of a close relationship with local members and the Leader. Andrew said "Pembrokeshire members are fully behind the need to develop policies for the future and a policy group is meeting regularly to draw up ideas to put to the party. We put policy proposals to the Party Conference when we were part of Carmarthenshire & Pembrokeshire Local Party. Now as Pembrokeshire Local Party, we will continue to do so. Indeed, some of us will be attending the Spring Conference on 6th-7th April. Whilst our lives are currently spent watching the Brexit discussions on TV, we are also developing policy in all areas that affect us all in Wales and across the UK. I was grateful that Jane Dodds could spend an evening with us".

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