Protest Against Suspension of Parliament

Protest Against Suspension of Parliament - Castle Square, Haverfordwest, at 12 Noon Saturday 31st August 2019

In conjunction with Pembrokeshire for Europe we are organising a protest against the Suspension of Parliament by Prime Minister Johnson.

Saturday, 31st August at 12 noon in Castle Square, Haverfordwest.

Come along and bring family, friends and work colleagues with you! Also why not bring along a placard with a suitable message for Johnson and his henchmen about their undemocratic and outrageous actions.

As this is short notice please advertise this protest on your social media, and with any local press contacts you may have - and in any other way you can think of!

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Leaked Civil Service Report Highlights Dangers of "No Deal" Brexit

Last weekend the Sunday Times printed details of a leaked civil service document (“Operation Yellowhammer”) on Britain's readiness to leave the European Union on 31 October without a deal.

The report is alarming:-

  • Some fresh food will be less available and more expensive. This will particularly hit the most vulnerable.
  • Medical supplies will be vulnerable to severe delays, especially as three-quarters come through the main Channel crossings.
  • The introduction of export tariffs into the EU together with the UK government's plans to set import tariffs into Britain at zero will damage the competitiveness of British refineries and “inadvertently” close two of the UK's six oil refineries leading to 2,000 job losses. The resulting strike action would lead to limited fuel availability in the regions which they directly supply. The BBC and local press have reported that whilst Valero are committed to be in Pembrokeshire for the long-term, a "No Deal" Brexit and the unfair tariffs will make it harder for them to increase investment in
    their Pembrokeshire oil refinery.
  • The worse disruption to the short Channel crossings might last for 3 months before flow rates rise to about 50% - 70% (as more traders get prepared) although disruption could continue for much longer.
  • The current plans for no checks at the Irish border are “unsustainable” due to economic, legal and biosecurity risks. EU tariffs and regulatory requirements for goods entering Ireland will severely disrupt trade. The agri-food sector will be hardest hit.
  • There will be passenger delays at EU airports, Euro-Tunnel and Dover.
  • Those on the lowest incomes will be most affected by rising food and petrol prices.

We can also conclude that the ferry ports at Fishguard and Pembroke Dock will be affected by these issues.

The government claim that they have made a lot of progress since this report in preparing "No Deal" Where is their evidence?

No-one voted to crash out of the EU without a deal. The Prime Minister has no mandate for this and 100 MPs have asked for an early recall of Parliament. MPs need to stop the
Prime Minister before it is too late.

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Andrew Lye

Chair - Pembrokeshire Liberal Democrats


For over 3 years now, the national news has been dominated by Brexit and the UK leaving the EU. The referendum result claimed the political scalp of David Cameron who immediately resigned the result came through that we had voted by a narrow majority to leave. Now, 3 years on, it has claimed it’s second, Theresa May.


Whilst the news was dominated with the intricacies of the Brexit negotiations, it suddenly seems to have fallen off the radar and the main issue now is the drugs problem. We all know that drugs have been a serious problem for centuries. Except today, it has been the main news story for the past few days because of the past indiscretions of those hoping to become the next Tory party leader and thus our next Prime Minister. 6 contenders have made statements of their experiences and some have even called for Michael Gove to withdraw. Just now, I have read a tweet alleging Boris was busy snorting cocaine at a Knightsbridge party in the 90’s. Whether it is true or not, I guess we will find out in time as every Tory leadership contender is asked about their past.

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Pembrokeshire Liberal Democrats Call Upon the Prime Minister to Fully Fund The BBC To Ensure More Pensioners Keep their Free TV Licences

Pembrokeshire Liberal Democrats have expressed their concern at the decision taken by the BBC to save £450m a year from 2020, to remove the free TV licence for those over 75 years of age from those pensioners not in receipt of Pension Credit. This could see 3.7m pensioners currently benefitting from a TV licence, having to start paying from 2020. The decision was made by the BBC following the government's decision to transfer the funding of licences from the government to the BBC.

Liberal Democrat Department of Culture, Media and Sport spokesperson Jane Bonham-Carter said "Concessions for over 75's are a social cost which should not be paid from the licence fee, but from central Government funding. Government, not the BBC should be responsible and accountable for their social policies. If the Conservative Government does not want to pay for free licences for over 75's then they should be upfront about their policy. However, passing the buck onto the BBC is underhand and risks undermining the BBC's financial viability to provide what the license fee payer expects." 

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Alistair Cameron Calls for Urgent Changes to Universal Credit

Alistair Cameron, Welsh Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for West Carmarthen and South Pembrokeshire has called for urgent changes to Universal Credit following revelations that the number of people seeking emergency food has increased by 25% since it was rolled out in Pembrokeshire between September and November last year.

Alistair visited the Milford Haven Headquarters of Pembrokeshire Action to Combat Hardship (PATCH) where Tracy Olin said there had been a 25% increase in the demand for food from PATCH (which also provides clothes and household essentials) since the introduction of Universal Credit.

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Positively Liberal - Poverty in Britain

Philip Alston, the United Nations rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights has just delivered a damning report on poverty in Britain:-

“There are 14 million people living in poverty, record levels of hunger and homelessness, falling life expectancy for some groups, ever fewer community services, and greatly reduced policing, while access to the courts for lower-income groups has been dramatically rolled back by cuts to legal aid.”

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Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Makes First Visit to Pembrokeshire

Welsh Liberal Democrat leader, Jane Dodds made her first official visit to Pembrokeshire on Thursday 4th April, when she met local party members at the Mariner's Hotel in Haverfordwest. Jane was welcomed to the meeting by Pembrokeshire Local Party Chair, Andrew Lye.

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Positively Liberal by Alistair Cameron - Vice Chair Pembs Lib Dems

Last Saturday, 23 coaches from Wales, including from West Wales, went to London to take part in the Put it to the People March in favour of a People’s Vote on whether we wish to leave the European Union. These campaigners joined over a million people from across the country including British citizens living abroad. Edward Sides walked from Swansea to London and others rode bikes from Sheffield to London.

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Welcome to Pembs Lib Dems

As Chair of Pembrokeshire Liberal Democrats, I'd like to say Croeso / Welcome, to our website.

I hope that you will look at it's content and we aim to update it regularly to keep you up to date on our activities, as well as those of the Party here in Wales and across the UK. So please add it to your "FAVOURITES" list and come back to us. And why not contact us, or join us!

Across Wales, Liberal Democrats already hold key political positions with Kirsty Williams as Cabinet Secretary for Education in the Welsh Assembly and here in Pembrokeshire, Bob Kilmister holds the key Finance portfolio on the County Council. I sense that the strong campaigning role we are taking currently, is leading to a huge surge in our support in the County, Wales and the UK as a whole.

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Andrew Lye - Chair

Andrew was elected Chair of the Pembrokeshire Liberal Democrats at the inaugural AGM and took office on 1st January 2019. He served previously as Chair of the Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire Liberal Democrats from May 2016 until it 31st December 2018, when the 2 counties were split to create 2 new Local Parties.

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